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larry astrom
2016-04-14, 10:05
Careless Driving Ticket
Mr. Nesbeth was very professional. He told me what to expect with his representation and his fee. I paid his fee and he did as he said he would. I received a case dismissed. I would most definitely call him again.
2016-04-08, 10:06
help to get a ticket dismiss
Mr.Ian help to get a ticket dismissed that i got in Tallahassee fl. I am a greyhound bus driver, working out of Orlando FL. I am greatly appreciated for the tremendous dedication he gave thank you Ian
2016-04-08, 10:06
Traffic Ticket
I had brief talk with Mr. Ian before hiring him. He was very professional and precise. His youth and self-esteem gave me enough confidence in him. His staff members were very welcoming, courteous and professional.
His communication etiquette was very professional, articulate and transparent. He is very responsive and empathetic to my contact.
By the end of the day, he succeeded in dismissing my case. :)
I am very satisfied client and recommend everyone in need to consider him for their cases.
2016-03-26, 10:07
No points/no school
Ian nesbeth is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone. I had a 30 over speeding violation and I was terrified. He managed to somehow get all the fees reduced with no points or school, ended up just paying court costs. My got a 30 over ticket and ended up paying 400$ more using ticket clinic. Thank you Ian!!!
Shelia Christian
2016-03-19, 10:07
Traffic Tickets
I don't have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with Mr. Nesbeth was. Very curious, knowledgeable and professional I had exceptional and fast results. I highly recommend this Attorney for any traffic charges. My family will always be grateful for your assistance. We thank God for you!
2016-03-17, 10:07
Speeding Ticket
Attorney Nesbeth is great!! I highly recommend him! He handled my Madison county speeding ticket for me and got a great outcome. He also gives student discounts.
2016-02-13, 09:07
Excellent Litigator
Ian represented me in a DUI case where I was innocent of the charges brought against me. The police officer lied in the arrest report and on the stand. Ian used video evidence to prove to the jury that the cop was making up evidence and exaggerating. The jury took 5 minutes to come back with an acquittal.
2016-02-11, 09:07
Helping with a speeding ticket
Ian was great! I Got a ticket in the middle of the night on I-10 from a Midway, FL policeman. (not sure why he was on I-10)
Hired Ian, and he worked it out ! Awesome service. I'll be telling everyone.
2015-12-12, 09:07
Habitual Traffic Revocation
I have been dealing with an absolute nightmare keeping my license in the state of Florida. After suspending my license multiple times and forcing me to pay multiple reinstatement fees, just to suspend my license again, the state of Florida finally sent me an HTO suspension in the mail which stated they are taking my license away for 5 years with no option for a hardship license for a full year! I almost cried when I got that letter in the mail. What am I going to do if they take my license away for that long, my life would be ruined. I called many lawyers who would not even take my case given the difficulties surrounding dealing with the DMV and their Florida laws. Mr. Nesbeth asked me to send my driving record to him which I did and he accepted the challenge. He assured me he had experience dealing with this type of case and that he would work hard to allow me to keep my license. I was so upset the day came when the HTO revocation came into effect. Looking up your DL # and seeing HTO suspension: effective is a horrible feeling. I spent about two weeks checking the DMV database five times a day with no change but the day came when, as Mr. Nesbeth said it would, the HTO suspension was removed and my license showed as valid! Before I hired Mr. Nesbeth, I went to the DMV after I received the HTO letter in the mail and they told me that there was nothing that could be done to reverse the suspension. I am not sure if there is anything else that could have been done, but I know that Mr. Nesbeth's hard work has allowed me to get my license back and that means the world to me. I would recommend him to anyone who is having issues with their license. He had a plan from the beginning, returned every one of my many phone calls, and came through with what he said he would. Great attorney. I will be driving like I'm with an instructor taking my driving test from now on, but if I ever do get into trouble with tickets or suspensions again, I know exactly who to call.
Humberto A.
2015-10-01, 10:18
The knowledgeable staff and attorneys at the ‘TIXFIX’ got my speeding ticket dismissed and no points on my license. Communication was superb and I am extremely satisfied with the overall service I received.
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